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Ohana Lucky Bag

Ohana Lucky Bag

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Ohana means family and that's exactly who this new Lucky bag is for.  Designed to bring Hawaii to where ever you are!  Fukubukuro bags or lucky bags are part of Hawaii and Japanese traditions that make shopping more fun and are full of amazing surprises. Each lucky bag is filled with an assortment of surprise goodies. No two bags will contain identical items. Items from the picture will vary. 

Here are some of the items that you will get in your lucky bag: 

  • 2 Women T-shirts
  • 2 Men T-shirts
  • 2 Kid T-Shirts
  • 3 Bags
  • 5 Accessories

These lucky bags are an excellent value. Perfect for the entire family!  These bags will contain more than $200 worth of surprises and goodies.

Happy Shopping!